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Screenshot from ''Get Shorty''

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Gene Hackman

Has starred in:
Absolute PowerAlan Richmond
AntzGeneral Mandible (voice)
Behind Enemy LinesAdmiral Reigart
Bonnie and ClydeBuck Barrow
The ChamberSam Cayhall
Class ActionJedediah Tucker Ward
Crimson TideFrank Ramsey
Enemy of the StateEdward Lyle, 'Brill'
Extreme MeasuresDr. Lawrence Myrick
Geronimo - An American LegendBrigadegeneral George Crook
HeartbreakersWilliam B. Tensy
HeistJoe Moore
The MexicanArnold Margolese
Narrow MarginRobert Caulfield
The PackageJohnny Gallagher
SupermanLex Luthor
Superman IILex Luthor
Under SuspicionHenry Hearst


Click to see large imageScreenshot from ''Get Shorty''
Click to see large imageScreenshot from ''Crimson Tide''

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