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Original title:

Made in:
USA 2001

101 min.

on DVD 22-12-2001

Review read:
78129 times

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Evolution is a very funny and at times even farcical comedy, the basis of which could actually have provided the plot for a rather frightening science-fiction film. Instead the filmmakers have chosen the humorous angle, but still Evolution is not without its horrifying scenes.
   After a meteor has crashed in the desert of Arizona, the geologists Ira Kane and Harry Block from the nearby university take samples to study. They make the discovery that the meteor has hosted an alien primitive organism, which is evolving and multiplying in an incredible pace.
   The Military commanded by the unscrupulous General Woodman soon takes over the control of the crash site and tries to sideline Ira and Harry, but the don't give up so easily, especially not now when the alien lifeforms pose an ever-increasing threat, not only against the people of Glen Canyon, but against the whole of mankind.

Directed by:
Ivan Reitman

Music composed by:
John Powell

Written by:
David Diamond, David Weissman and Don Jakoby.

David DuchovnyDr. Ira Kane
Orlando JonesHarry Block
Seann W. ScottWayne Green
Julianne MooreAllison Reed
Ted LevineGeneral Woodman
Ethan SupleeDeke
Dan AykroydGovenor Lewis


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