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Original title:
The Mummy Returns

Made in:
USA 2001

130 min.

at the cinema 25-05-2001

Review read:
45370 times

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The Mummy Returns

This sequel is just as past-paced and nearly as funny as its predecessor ("The Mummy"), but the story is more contrived and less credible. The Mummy Returns is primarily aimed at an audience already familiar with the characters. Now the fearless adventurer Rick is married to the beautiful and equally fearless archaeologist Evelyn, and together they have a son, 8-year-old Alex, who accompanies his parents on their expeditions.
   In 1933 the family return to England with findings from an excavation site in Egypt, among other things a gold bracelet, which turns out to have special powers. It can revive the Scorpion King, a warrior who sold his soul to the evil god Anubis many thousand years ago. The O'Connells know nothing of this, but others know its secret and want the bracelet desperately.

Directed by:
Stephen Sommers

Music composed by:
Alan Silvestri

Written by:
Stephen Sommers.

Brendan FraserRick O'Connell
Rachel WeiszEvelyn O'Connell
John HannahJonathan
Arnold VoslooImhotep
Oded FehrArdeth Bay
Patricia VelasquezAnck Su-Namun
Alun ArmstrongCurator


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