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Original title:
Nothing Personal

Made in:
England, Ireland 1995

85 min.

on TV 06-05-2001

Review read:
31762 times

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Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal is a brutally realistic film about the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s.
   Liam, a Catholic and a single father, would rather not become involved in the troubles, but one night when he is down on his luck he gets picked up by a small band of Protestants. They try to make him spill the beans, but Liam knows no more about the IRA than they do.
   The leader of the Protestants is Kenny whom Liam played with as a child. Kenny assures him that it is nothing personal.
   Nothing Personal depicts the different conflicting fractions in a nuanced manner and stresses the splits within some of the groups. The message of the film is that the victims are practically always ordinary and often innocent people while the suits stay unharmed.

Directed by:
Thaddeus O'Sullivan

Written by:
Daniel Mornin from own novel.

John LynchLiam
Ian HartGinger
James FrainKenny
Michael GambonLeonard
Gary LydonEddie
Maria Doyle KennedyAnn


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