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Original title:

Made in:
USA 2000

146 min.

at the cinema 14-04-2001

Review read:
7182 times

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Traffic is an intelligent and complex movie about the drug problem in the USA and the illegal drug trade across the Mexican border.
   As in Robert Altman's kaleidoscopic ensemble movies Traffic also presents a set of characters who are not directly connected and they all have very different attitudes to the drug trade.
   Michael Douglas plays the new drug czar, Robert Wakefield, who is in charge of the drug war. He faces serious personal problems when he discovers that his own teenage daughter is a drug abuser. Benicio Del Toro deservedly won an Oscar for the part of the honest Mexican policeman Javier Rodriguez who resists temptation. Other characters are less sympathetic but the performances are great.
   In spite of its serious subject and sober style Traffic is highly entertaining and it never feels too long.

Directed by:
Steven Soderbergh

Written by:
Stephen Gagan from the TV series "Traffik" by Simon Moore.

Michael DouglasRobert Wakefield
Don CheadleMontel Gordon
Benicio Del ToroJavier Rodriguez
Luis GuzmnRay Castro
Dennis QuaidArnie Metzger
Catherine Zeta-JonesHelena Ayala
Steven BauerCarlos Ayala
Erika ChristensenCaroline Wakefield
Clifton Collins JrFrancisco Flores
Miguel FerrerEduardo Ruiz
Amy IrvingBarbara Wakefield
Tomas MilanGeneral Arturo Salazar
Albert FinneyChief of staff
James BrolinGeneral Ralph Landry
Peter RiegertAttorney Michael Adler
Benjamin BrattJuan Obregon
Salma HayekMistress of Juarez druglord
Topher GraceSeth Abrahms
John SlatteryAssistant District Attorney Dan Collier


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