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Original title:

Made in:
USA 1998

92 min.

on DVD 06-04-2001

Review read:
15926 times

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Rushmore is an odd movie which is probably meant to be a low-key comedy. It did not live up to my genre expectations though, as it seldom made me laugh. It left me wondering whether I had missed something crucial. If I have not, Rushmore is nothing but an ambitious and slightly manic trifle about 15-year-old Max Fischer, a genius, who is more committed to organizing all kinds of activities than attending class at Rushmore, a private school. He falls in love with his teacher, Rosemary Cross, but she appears to be more interested in Herman Blume, a middle-aged businessman, who has made friends with Max. Quite an unusual love triangle!

Directed by:
Wes Anderson

Written by:
Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson.

Jason SchwartzmanMax Fischer
Olivia WilliamsRosemary Cross
Bill MurrayHerman Blume
Seymour CasselBert Fischer
Brian CoxDr. Guggenheim
Stephen McColeMagnus Buchan
Connie NielsenMrs. Calloway
Luke WilsonDr. Peter Flynn


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