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Original title:
Thirteen Days

Made in:
USA 2000

145 min.

at the cinema 18-03-2001

Review read:
11114 times

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Thirteen Days

Thirteen Days is a sober and faithful rendering of 13 crucial days during the Cuba Missile Crisis in October 1962 when the world was on the brink of world war. The film reconstructs the events based on the tapes that registered President Kennedy's meetings in the White House.
   The documentary effect is hightened because director Roger Donaldson and screenwriter David Self are more concerned with the political game than the humans involved. President Kennedy's personal adviser Kenny O'Donnell is the closest we get to a main character that we can identify with. He is both an active participant and a fly on the wall, the one whose eyes we watch the drama through.
   It is quite a feat that the filmmakers have succeeded in making such a suspenseful thriller considering that the audience already know the outcome.

Directed by:
Roger Donaldson

Music composed by:
Trevor Jones

Written by:
David Self from the book "The Kennedy Tapes - Inside the White House during the Cuba Missile Crisis" edited by Ernest R. May and Phillip D. Zelikow.

Kevin CostnerKenny O'Donnell
Bruce GreenwoodJohn F. Kennedy
Steven CulpRobert F. Kennedy
Dylan BakerRobert McNamara
Michael FairmanAdlai Stevenson
Henry StrozierDean Rusk
Frank WoodMcGeorge Bundy
Kevin ConwayGeneral Curtis LeMay
Len CariouDean Acheson
Bill SmitrovichGeneral Maxwell Tyler
Dakin MatthewsArthur Lundahl
Ed LauterGeneral Marshall Carter
James KarenGeorge Ball
Olek KrupaAndrei Gromyko
Lucinda JenneyHelen O'Donnell


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